Arboricultural Consultant

P.G. Biddle

Dr P.G. Biddle, O.B.E., M.A., D.Phil., F.Arbor.A.
Registered Consultant of the Arboricultural Association
Honorary Fellow, Insitute of Chartered Foresters

Corrections and updates

Page 28, column 1. The units for soil bulk density should be g/cm3, rather than g/cm2.

Page 103. Case Study 6.8 provides updated level monitoring results to 1999.

Page 147. There are two figures lablelled 9.13; the first of these should be 9.12.

Page 247. The descriptive text for Figure 15.9 was inadvertently omitted. This should read:
  Figure 15.9
  Demec strain guage studs set for direct measurement of opening and shear movement of a crack.

Page 266. There is an error in the correct method for calculating the soil moisture deficit derived from values of gravimetric moisture content. The correct formula, and correct method, will be found at paragraph 5, page 6 and Table 2 of BRE Digest 412 "Assessment of Desiccation".